Open Courses

Data Science Bootcamp

This is a 6-month Bootcamp to enable participants to learn relevant data skills and launch their careers in the field. The program is meant for those who are aiming to switch into a data science career.

Artificial Intelligence Bootcamp

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming almost every aspect of our lives from the workplace, to retail, to healthcare. As demand for AI specialists increases, so does the need for professionals who can build, use and manage emerging AI technologies. This four month bootcamp is designed to train you to start your AI career.

Experimental Evaluation Methods

The course will cover important aspects and methods of a results-based research framework. It will cover methods that at the frontier of monitoring and evaluation methods – such as randomized control trials and lab-in-field-experiments.

Leadership Workshop

This online 4-day immersive workshop, we will work on your diagnostic and highlight areas that may impact your diagnostic capacity. We will explore how self-knowledge and self-discipline form the foundation for exercising leadership.

Digital Marketing & Strategy

In this course, you will learn how to create a social media campaign, how to target a certain audience, how to setup and run a paid media campaign on social media, how to measure the performance and develop an effective digital media strategy.

Previous Courses

Astrophysics for Everyone

The course will serve as an introduction to the principles of astrophysics as well as a brief overview of the history of astronomy. Students will be introduced to a wide plethora of cosmic phenomena ranging from the solar system up to galaxy clusters.

Data Analytics Workshop with Tableau

Tableau is a data visualization software commonly used by business analysts to present and understand data meaningfully. Visualizations are created to explain big datasets and construct data stories. It is a high in demand and with this short 2 day guided workshop, can help you take your professional skills to the next level.

Career Fellowship - Passion to Success!

This course will help you develop a growth mindset. It will help to strategize career paths by setting the right priorities.

Blockchain & Digital Assets

Blockchain and Digital Assets are the future of money and finance

Mechanics of Building
A Cricket Team

All Cricket fans have strong opinions about selection. This Course dives into the subject in greater detail by giving fans a holistic perspective on the topic.

Digital Marketing

In this course, you will get to know about the digital landscape, how to create a social media campaign, how to target a certain audience, run a paid media campaign on social media and much more.


PPP's is a form of public procurement and project finance. The growing interest in PPPs and project financing across Pakistan is denoted by the uptick in PPP transactions in the recent years.

City Management

Come forward and take this hands-on, six-week, accelerated-learning course to understand our cities' management. What tools and instruments are used to provide services in cities, and how are they managed? You will be able to create them yourself by learning the basics.

Leading with EQ

Reflect, appraise your own social skills and empathy scale, and identify your leadership mode and style through the lens of emotional intelligence.

Workshop on International Climate Policy

Climate Change will affect all livelihoods; Pakistan is one of the most climate-vulnerable countries, ranked consistently in the top 10 of the Global Climate Risk Index.

Real Estate Economics

The course in Real Estate Market and Economics will provide participants with a comprehensive view of the real estate in cities, housing markets, investment climate, urban economics, and evaluation of housing markets.

Salesforce Administrator Training

Prepare for the Salesforce ADM201 Certification, the foundation certification to start your Salesforce career.

Umeed-e-Sehar (Nurturing Entrepreneurs Program)

Pakistan has great human potential that can be channeled towards making the country economically prosperous.

Certificate in Hospitality and Tourism Management (Gilgit)

This is a 2-day training for a Certificate in Hospitality and Tourism Management, specifically designed for the youth of Gilgit-Baltistan from Sep 04 to 05, 2021.

Visual Communication

The online workshop will familiarize participants with the tools for and applications of visual communication design.

Pashto Speaking for Everyday Use

This course will help the participants learn Pashto language, as it is spoken today by the Pashtuns in KP.

Certificate in Effective Teaching for School Teachers

School teaching has become quite complex with the advent of technology. Teachers must not only prepare the curriculum, but they must decide on the medium and tools used to deliver it.

Data Analysis for Beginners

This course aims to take an individual from beginner to intermediate level in Excel.

Creative Writing for Kids

Let your creativity flow! Designed for 10-16 year olds, this course will guide students to push the boundaries of their thought process.

Logic and Critical Thinking

Logic is the study of reasoning and argumentation. It helps us to construct effective arguments and to identify weak ones

History of Economic Thought

The course introduces the history of economic thought with the purpose of presenting the most influential ideas and the people behind these ideas. The course will put the development of these ideas into their historical context.

Accounting & Finance for Non-specialists

The course is designed for non-specialists who do not have formal education of business accounting and finance.

Programming in R

The course introduces students to R, a widely used statistical programming language.

Essay Writing

The essay writing course has been designed to help students, professionals, and those aspiring for a career in government or aiming for studies abroad.

Policy Analysis Workshop

Policymaking and analysis have become complex due to nonhierarchical governance systems, overload of information, the democratization of policy agendas, and availability of quantitative and qualitative data.

اردو شعر و سخن

In this course you will be able to learn the basic terms used in Urdu Poetry, such as: Shair, Ghazal, Nazm, Wazan, Qaafiya, Radeef, Matla, Hasan Matla, Maqta, Misra, Misra – e – Ula, Misra – e- Saani, Band, Qata, Beher.

Data Analytics

Companies want help with understanding their data in this digital world to drive greater insight, improved performance, and competitiveness

Negotiation Skills & Strategies

This rigorous 3-day workshop aims to turn you into a master negotiator.

Art Therapy Workshop

Art Therapy is a distinctive discipline that incorporates creative methods of self-expression and healing through visual arts such as, drawing, painting, sculpting, color psychology, and texture expression.

خواتین کیلئے گھر سے کاروبار کرنے کی ٹریننگ

Calling all women! Learn how to start and grow your online business from home. This course will help women in developing their skills into a home-based business.

Python for Kids

This is a basic level course for starters. It is especially designed for Pakistani students between age 14-19. The course will explain basic syntax of python, programming concepts in general such as variables, iteratives, conditionals, and classes.

How Pakistan is (mis)governed

atomcamp is launching a master class. It offers a comprehensive analysis of the state of political institutions, the military establishment and political parties in Pakistan.

Quant Methods with R

In this course, you will know basic concepts of data analysis and statistical computing, which are both increasingly used in the fields of social sciences and humanities.

Colonialism and How It Shapes Our World

This course will allow the students to survey key aspects of colonialism. Through the course of the six classes, we’ll touch upon several themes/aspects of colonialism which will help us better understand the nature of colonialism and its deep impact on our lives.

Digital Marketing and Strategy

In this Masterclass, the students will learn different concepts of digital marketing. They will get to know about the digital landscape, how to create a social media campaign, how to target a certain audience, setup & run a paid media campaign on social media.

Computer Visioning

In this Masterclass, the students will learn Deep Learning, NN and Building Generative Adversarial Networks. The student should knows programming in python to some extent, and understands basic Computer Science Concepts.

English Language & Writing

An introductory course on English Language. The course will focus on the basic technicalities of writing. It is designed to address common errors in qualitative writing and editing that are detrimental to sentence structure and lexicon.

Scholarships for Graduate Studies in Natural Sciences & Engineering

This course is designed to enable graduates of engineering and natural sciences to navigate scholarships in their respective fields globally.

Demystifying Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain

The course will include immersive thought exercises, extensive reading, and discussion sessions. We will also explore case studies of select applications in education, pharmaceuticals, etc.

Visual Communication

This workshop will build you capacity to get your audience’s attention, and keep it, in a world where people are seeing too much content in too little time. Learn how the message you send can be visually engaging, accurate, and aesthetically pleasing.

Exploring Rumi in the 21st Century

The course is about Rumi, a renowned Persian poet. He was declared as the most popular poet in America in late 1990s. Given his enduring message of love, conveyed through poetry, his ideas are ever relevant , more so in a world increasingly facing issues of social chaos and human anxiety.

Learners Republic Policy Fellowship

The Policy Fellowship is designed to provide a comprehensive learning experience about the policymaking process in Pakistan.

How to Build a Career in Data Science

Data science continues to rise as one of the most in-demand career paths in technology today. Beyond data analysis, mining, and programming, data scientists program code and combine it with statistics to transform data.

Essay Writing

The essay writing course has been designed to help students, professionals, and those aspiring for a career in government or aiming for studies abroad. It will start with exploring the thinking patterns, ideas, and concepts followed by covering the fundamentals of analysis and building of arguments.

Law for Non-Lawyers

This course aims to provide a bird’s eye view of Pakistan’s legal system and the working of state structures (government, courts, legislature), and legal reforms.

Python for Beginners

In this course, you will be introduced to the world's currently fastest growing and most popular text-based programming language: Python. This course will cover the basics of Python, which will be taught to be applied practically. We will work with various datasets, and continuously review and practice the covered topics.