Upskill Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Program

For Women Only

The Upskill Khyber Pakhtunkhwa program will provide job ready skills to women. All the trainees will be provided a practical training in accelerating a freelancing career or placing them in jobs or launching their startups.

100% Scholarship

About the Program

Women in Tech Program is a life-changing experience that equips women with future-ready skills! During this exciting week of in-person training, participants will learn about AI, digital competence, freelancing, communication skills, and fulfilling professions in technology. The thorough boot camp begins with one week of in person sessions,followed by four weeks of online sessions. Learn how to communicate effectively with international and local clients, create eye-catching resumes, practice for interviews, become an expert freelancer, and explore the fascinating field of software development. Come along for this uplifting experience of limitless chances to enhance your skills!


  • Women Only
  • Final year under-graduate students or graduates (graduated less than 2 years)
    • Computer Science
    • Software Engineering 
  • GPA above 3.0

Course Curriculum

1-Week Foundational Training (In-Person)

The sessions will cover:
Day 1: Communication Skills
Day 2: Data literacy
Day 3: Freelancing Workshop
Day 4: Digital skills and AI
Day 5: Entrepreneurial mindset

Specialized Training (Online)

The online sessions  will continue for 4 weeks and there will be four sessions per week, in these sessions students will be taught:

  1. Effective Communication Skills
  2. Resume Writing and Interview Skills
  3. Freelancing
  4. Software Development (Portfolio Projects) 

Job Placements

After these trainings for the next six weeks, we will provide internships and job placements for the trainees.

Digital Marketing

Navigate the future of marketing with the perfect blend of digital innovation and AI intelligence.

Data Science and AI

Elevate your expertise with a powerful fusion of Digital Skills and AI, shaping the future of your career.


Cultivate your Entrepreneurial Mindset and embark on a journey of innovation and success.

Full Stack Web Development

Transform your digital landscape with Full Stack Web Development, integrating diverse technologies to architect the future of the web.

Key Features

Project Based Learning

Apply theory to real-world projects for practical proficiency.

Expert Instructors

Learn from industry professionals to gain practical insights.

Industry Ready Portfolio

Craft a portfolio that showcases your industry-ready AI projects.

Guidance & Support

Receive guidance and assistance in your pursuit of AI career opportunities. Skilled teaching assistants are there for you.

Internships & Job Placements

Facilitation for internships and job placements will be carried out for all trainees.

1-on-1 Coaching & Mentorship

Receive individualized mentorship to navigate your way through your AI career.

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