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Learn Artificial Intelligence (No Code AI)

Who should attend the webinar?

These webinars are for anyone wanting to use AI tools without needing to code.

What is the Objective of these Webinars?

By the end of this webinar series, participants will gain a thorough understanding of how to effectively use WIX,, Flutter Flow, and Zapier to create and automate sophisticated web and mobile applications without needing any coding skills. They will learn how to design professional websites, develop complex web and mobile apps, and automate workflows, empowering them to streamline their processes and scale their digital solutions.

Workshop Curriculum

WIX: Website Creation (Week 1)

  • Key features of WIX
  • Step-by-step website creation
  • Customization and integration Web App Development (Week 2)

  • functionalities
  • Designing interfaces and workflows
  • Deploying web apps

Flutter Flow: Mobile App Development (Week 3)

  • Mobile development with Flutter Flow
  • Designing responsive interfaces
  • API and backend integration

Zapier: Workflow Automation (Week 4)

  • Understanding Zapier's capabilities
  • Creating automated workflows (Zaps)
  • Best practices for automation


Maria Qibtiya

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