Artificial Intelligence Bootcamp atomcamp, AI Bootcamp, AI
Artificial Intelligence Bootcamp atomcamp, AI Bootcamp, AI

Artificial Intelligence Bootcamp for O/A Level

atomcamp & NUST have collaborated to provide AI bootcamp for Islamabad’s youth to train them in the most in-demand AI skills.

This bootcamp will facilitate students in launching their international freelancing careers, getting admissions abroad, and developing a sound technological foundation for any career. 


Additionally, we will arrange extra curricular activities on-campus, sessions on soft skills, career-coaching, and industry visits.

Why should you enroll in this bootcamp?

The Data Science & AI engineering market, currently at $8 billion, is set to grow at 35% annually from 2023 to 2032.

Key trends for 2023 include generative AI, sustainable AI, and augmented working, with significant growth expected in cloud-based AI applications, according to Gartner.

Given these metrics, we believe that it’s high time to train Pakistani youth in these technical skills


PKR 50,000 /per month
  • For 2 Months


PKR 90,000 Advanced
  • For 2 Months

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Why choose this bootcamp?

Get yourself ready for future of work and here is how we help you do that:

AI Engineering Market Size (2023)
Annual Growth Rate

Key Trends (2023)

  • Generative AI
  • Sustainable AI
  • Augmented Working
  • Cloud-based AI Applications

What you'll learn


We are living in an Artificial Intelligence Revolution. Every professional and student needs to learn and excel in AI to make himself ready for the future.

Considering the need of training our young minds in AI, NUST and atomcamp have launched this in-person bootcamp on AI to be held at NUST H-12 Campus Islamabad.

Step into the role of a young data scientist and AI developer with our DS & AI Bootcamp, designed especially for teens aged 14 to 18! Throughout this course, you’ll explore the essentials of data analysis, master database management, and get creative with AI using the coolest low-code tools.

Each class includes exciting activities that reinforce what you’ve learned and let you apply your new skills in fun, engaging ways. Ready to discover how data can change the world? Sign up now and start your tech adventure with us.

This bootcamp will also help students in launching freelancing careers and obtaining admissions in international universities. The skills acquired through this bootcamp will become a foundation for any career teh candidates will pursue. This bootcamp will prove a learning and professional growth experience in Summer 2024.

Course Curriculum

Introduction to AI

    • What is AI? Definitions and real-world examples.
    • Brief history of AI.
    • Applications of AI in daily life.

Understanding Data

    • What is data? Types of data: structured vs. unstructured.
    • Importance of data in AI.
    • Data collection methods.

AI Ethics and Bias

    • Ethical considerations in AI: fairness, accountability, transparency.
    • Understanding bias in AI models.

Introduction to Data Analysis

    • Understand different types of data and the importance of data analysis.
    • Explore real-world examples of data analysis across various fields.


Power BI

    • Import data from various sources and create basic visual reports.
    • Manipulate and filter data within reports, create measures and calculated columns.
    • Use DAX to solve complex data problems and enhance report functionality.

Python Concepts

    • Python programming fundamentals: expressions, operators, basic data structures (lists, tuples, dictionaries, sets, strings).
    • Introduction to IDEs and Jupyter NotebookControl structures: conditional statements, for and while loops, break/continue statements, and nested loops.
    • Functions: defining, calling, parameters, arguments, scope, and documentation.

Data Handling and Analysis with Python

    • Introduction to NumPy for numerical operations.
    • Data visualization with Matplotlib.
    • Basics of exploratory data analysis: handling missing values, data binning, outlier analysis, feature selection.
    • Practical EDA session using real datasets.

Machine Learning Fundamentals

    • Overview of machine learning algorithms: Naive Bayes, Logistic Regression, SVM, Decision Trees, and Random Forests.
    • Model evaluation metrics and performance tuning.
    • Principal Component Analysis (PCA) and Singular Value Decomposition (SVD).
    • Clustering techniques and evaluations.

Advanced Applications: NLP, Computer Vision, and MLOps

    • Core NLP techniques: tokenization, POS tagging, NER, text classification.
    • Introduction to LLMs: Transformer architecture, attention mechanisms, GPT, BERT.
    • Computer vision basics: object detection, tracking, and using convolutional neural networks.
    • Introduction to MLOps: setting up environments, deploying ML models using FastAPI and Docker, integrating with Google Cloud.
    • Developing and deploying a machine learning model for real-world application.

Introduction to Low-Code/No-Code Tools

    • Understand the benefits and limitations of low-code/no-code development.
    • Get acquainted with various platforms for different development needs.

Project-Based Learning with Low-Code/No-Code Platforms

    • Softr: Build web applications using a drag-and-drop interface.
    • Bubble: Develop web apps with visual editing, database functionality, and user authentication.
    • Glide & Draftbit: Create simple to complex mobile apps for multiple platforms.
    • Zapier & Bildr: Automate workflows and build flexible, customizable app interfaces.
    • Backendless & FlutterFlow: Manage databases, APIs, and create cross-platform apps.
    • Botpress & Manychat: Develop conversational AI bots using NLP and LLM-based tools.

We are excited to announce that our bootcamp will take place at NUST, H-12 Campus, Islamabad.

Pricing Plans


50,000 /per month
  • Standard Monthly
  • For 2 Months


  • Lumpsum (Advance Payment)
  • For 2 Months

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