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Explore the Future of IT Exports in Pakistan

How IT can boost our economy and make it better

Join our webinar to find out how the IT sector is changing Pakistan and creating new opportunities for everyone. Learn about the powerful role IT plays in making businesses more efficient and helping our economy grow.


Artificial Intelligence Summit

Osman Nasir

Former MD Pakistan Software Export Board

Agenda of the webinar

  • What’s Happening with IT Exports: Discover how IT is making a big difference in Pakistan right now.
  • Big Chances for Growth: Learn how IT can help make things better and easier in both government and business.
  • Expert Advice: Listen to top experts share ideas about how developing countries like ours can jump ahead using IT.
  • Looking Ahead: Find out what might come next in the world of IT in Pakistan.

Why learn Artificial Intelligence?

Complete Guide to our Artificial Intelligence bootcamp in partnership with NUST.

Join our free webinar to discover what our Artificial Intelligence Bootcamp in partnership with NUST can offer you!
This webinar is your chance to find out everything about our bootcamp and how it can help you be ready for the future. Whether you’re curious about AI or looking to start a career in tech, this session will cover all you need to know.


Dr Naveed Iftikhar

Dr Usman Zia

Mahnoor Salman

data science

Hussain Shahbaz

Naima Iltaf

Humna Qureshi

  1. Discover what Artificial Intelligence is all about!
  2. Explore Our Bootcamp: Find out what our Artificial Intelligence Bootcamp offers.
  3. Hear from our former Artificial intelligence bootcamp student. Hear about how the bootcamp shaped her career. 
  4. See Your Future: Learn about the opportunities that await after doing the bootcamp with us and NUST.
  5. Q&A Session: Bring your questions—we’re ready to answer them!
  • O/A Level students
  • Students who have recently done their O/A Levels