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Python for Kids

This is a basic level course for starters. It is especially designed for Pakistani students between age 14-19. The course will explain basic syntax of python, programming concepts in general such as variables, iteratives, conditionals, and classes.

Colonialism and How It Shapes Our World

This is an introductory course which will allow the students to survey key aspects of colonialism. Through the course of the six classes, we’ll touch upon several themes/aspects of colonialism which will help us better understand the nature of colonialism and its deep impact on our lives.

Climate Change Policy

A 4-week seminar-style course, this course aims to give a theoretical and practical understanding of Climate Change in the context of National Climate Governance. It will introduce participants to key aspects of a low-carbon future and create an understanding of critical aspects of climate change such as mitigation and adaptation.

Logic and Critical Thinking

Logic is the study of reasoning and argumentation. It helps us to construct effective arguments and to identify weak ones

Art Therapy Workshop

Art Therapy is a distinctive discipline that incorporates creative methods of self-expression and healing through visual arts such as, drawing, painting, sculpting, color psychology, and texture expression.

خواتین کیلئے گھر سے کاروبار کرنے کی ٹریننگ

Calling all women! Learn how to start and grow your online business from home. This course will help women in developing their skills into a home-based business.

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See what our atomcamp alumni have to say

I would like to thank atomcamp for providing a useful platform to learn essay writing skills. The Essay Writing course was well designed & taught. Inviting guest speakers was helpful to understand the process of writing.

Mudassar Abbas atomcamp Alumnus

The International Climate Policy workshop was an amazing workshop! I would suggest that such sessions are arranged frequently. Looking forward to more sessions. Equally thankful to atomcamp.

Dawood Khan atomcamp Alumnus

The Blockchain & Digital Assets course was aimed at fundamentals. The format was easy to understand, not too much commitment required which was very convenient yet a lot of value delivered. Highly recommend.

Habib Sheikh atomcamp Alumnus

Highly appreciate all the efforts of Sir Umair and Umer. This is all well set up and at the right level for non-lawyers. Very Insightful, board spectrum, lots of seeds planted, and more exploration required deeper into topics of interest.

Umar Pirzada Law for Non-Lawyers

Thank you so much for such a great course. I really enjoyed it and I have learned a lot. I'm less confused when I see the Pakistani news-so much is about law and courts. Equally thankful to atomcamp.
Highly Recommend!

Naveen Law for Non-Lawyers

"Took Logic and Critical Thinking course with @atomcamp and it was a wonderful experience. Dr. Shujah is one of few instructors of philosophy I have came across who doesn't let's the subject feel boring. Atom Camp is doing what are institutes should be! "

Amna Akram Butt Logic and Critical Thinking

Since we are talking about the amazing courses at @atomcamp we mustn't forget the R course taught by Zahed Asghar. The amazing ways to visualise data he's taught us during this time has kickstarted my Rstudio journey!

Hassan Ul Haq R Course

Dr. Zahed Asghar is a gem. Recently, I completed a course under his mentorship on Quantitative Research. I must admit, I've learnt, dimension to do quant research which is thru R. Thank you atomcamp and Naveed Iftikhar for the opportunity to learn.

Taqveem Warriach Quantitative Methods for Social Sciences & Humanities

I'm really grateful to Team AtomCamp and Team Synapse for Wonderful Course on Emotional Intelligence (EQ). I would like to mention that I have learned a lot and started implementation it in my daily life as well and both the management made it as feasible for the participants to attend it in everyway. Both teams were highly cooperative and considerate towards this course and participants. Feeling Happy and Lucky!

Ruksh-E-Ibadat EQ Course


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    wecamp (women entrepreneurs camp) is a project of atomcamp to recognize, support and celebrate home-based women entrepreneurs. wecamp provides trainings to women entrepreneurs and organizes wecamp Festivals to help them grow their businesses