AI Summit Lahore

In-Person Panel Discussion

Are you passionate about the realm of Artificial Intelligence?

We stand at a crucial juncture in the evolution of Artificial Intelligence. The AI Summit 2023 has prepared a consortium of Industry experts and leading academics to share their views on how AI will play its role in Pakistan.

Join us as we showcase practical applications of AI by inviting startups who have done extraordinary work. We will be looking at case studies of how startups in Pakistan are using artificial intelligence to revolutionize their horizons.

Theme of the Discussion: The Future of AI in Pakistan

Standing at this crucial juncture, the artificial Intelligence Summit aims to delve deep into Pakistan’s role in this global transformation. We intend to explore ongoing initiatives, forecast the impact of AI on various sectors within our nation and search how the youth can find a place within this transformation.

Key Areas of Discussion

Current State of AI in Pakistan

Delving into the ongoing AI initiatives, adoption rates across different industries, and the overall climate of AI innovation in the country.

AI’s Impact on Employment

Discussing the expected transformation of the job landscape in Pakistan over the next five years, and exploring the sectors that might be most affected and the emerging opportunities.

Vision for the Future

Identifying potential pathways for AI development in Pakistan, exploring the upcoming opportunities, and addressing the challenges ahead.

Comparative Evolution of AI

Reflecting on the global and local evolution of AI over the past five years to draw insights into our progress and identify areas ripe for development.

What Can you Expect at this session?

Comprehensive Overview

Career Opportunities

Meeting with Experts

Case studies from the industry


Q&A Session

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