AI Summit: What AI means for Us |
Pakistan's Freelance and IT Exports Landscape
in the age of GenAI

In-Person Seminar

The AI summit will focus on key developments in the field of AI and how they are transforming the workforce and businesses. The summit will help Pakistani tech entrepreneurs and freelancers in aligning their strategies to incorporate the advancements introduced by Gen AI.

Keynote Speaker

Keynote Speaker

Jehangir Amjad

Software Engineer @
Adjunct Lecturer, Stanford University

Jehangir is a software engineer at Google, working on the Data Commons project ( His work lies at the intersection of large scale data processing and machine learning/statistics. He is also an Adjunct Lecturer at Stanford University teaching courses in Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning. Previously, he was a Lecturer of Machine Learning at MIT, teaching the large Machine Learning course ( Jehangir did his B.S.E from Princeton University and PhD in from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Theme of the talk: 
“Artificial Intelligence Is Here To Stay – What This Means For Us”
A brief journey through the history of AI; What’s special about the latest AI revolution; A discussion on Ethics and Responsibility; The implications for students, practitioners and businesses.

Mr. J. Amjad will talk about implications and opportunities for students (graduates) and businesses. He will discuss history and AI Ethics, and why they are important to understand before we take a deep lunge into an AI-integrated business model. 

The keynote address will be followed by a panel discussion on the landscape of Pakistan’s IT exports and freelancing after the rise of generative AI.


Fizza Amjad


Chief Executive Officer @ atomcamp

Fizza Amjad is the CEO of atomcamp. She is a Smart City Specialist. She heads partnerships at atomcamp as well as overlooks specialized courses, workshops, and day-to-day tasks of atomcamp. She works closely with organizations and companies to strategize targeted trainings and workshops.

Muhammad Umair Arif

Muhammad Umair Arif is a PhD in Computer Vision AI from NUST University and was a research Scholar at University of Toronto. He has 13 years of University teaching experience along with various consultancy projects in the Vision AI space. He is also the Academics leader in an emerging Tech bootcamp Edtech namely IEC (Institute of Emerging Careers). He has a vision AI startup called “The Disrupt Labs” where they are using Visual AI models to enhance Industrial safety and environment. He is a thought leader in this space and has come as a panelist in multiple media channels discussing the need of AI and its risks and implementation challenges.

Salman Zaidi

Co-founder of Impro Data and and Founder of The Social Prime

Salman is a dynamic co-founder of Impro Data and Founder of The Social Prime, two agencies that specialize in data transformation and marketing within the wellness sector. Impro Data is a consultancy that offers comprehensive data solutions, including cloud migration, dashboarding, analytics, and talent development programs designed to enhance programming skills and contribute to the economy. On the other hand, Social Prime focuses on marketing and business development, serving clients within the wellness sector. 

Salman is also deeply involved in the fitness and wellness sectors, assisting startups with fundraising, audience engagement, and crowdfunding campaigns. He is the Co-founder of, which is revolutionizing fitness with AI-driven physiotherapy, empowering gyms to cater to more members while ensuring injury prevention. 

His expertise extends to developing revenue models, solving business challenges, and mentoring individuals to grow their online presence and income through personal branding.

What can you expect at this AI Summit?

Latest Trends in AI

Career Opportunities

Guidance for IT Exports and Freelancing

AI Ethics


Q&A Session

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