Fundamentals of Generative AI with LLMs

Fee: PKR 10,000

The “Fundamentals of Generative AI with LLMs for Business Executives” workshop is a two-day event designed to provide business leaders with an understanding of Large Language Models (LLMs). The workshop covers the basics and applications of LLMs, their operational mechanisms, and their business implications. Participants will learn about the capabilities and limitations of LLMs, explore real-world use cases, and discuss strategies for integrating these technologies into their organizations.


No technical background is required for this course, but participants should have a basic
understanding of artificial intelligence concepts.

What to expect from this workshop?

Understand what LLMs can and cannot do, focusing on their value in a business environment

How businesses are currently using LLMs, including an analysis of challenges and solutions

Strategies for adapting and overcoming the limitations of LLMs in organizational settings

Identify and prioritize potential LLM applications within your own organization


PKR 10,000
  • For 2 Days

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Workshop Curriculum

Understanding LLMs

  • Understanding AI and LLMs –Exploring and defining AI and Large Language
    Models and identifying where AI ends and the other begins.
  •  How do LLMs work? – Discuss the underlying technology and innovation that
    drives LLMs.
  •  What can LLMs do and what can they not do? – Understanding the value of
    LLMs in a business environment first requires to understand potential applications and limitations. 
  • Overcoming Limitations – How organizations can understand, adapt and overcome these limitations.

Applying LLMs

  • How are businesses using LLMs – Explore some real-world use cases and
    discuss blockers, limitations, and routes to delivery.
  • Identifying Use Cases – Explore how businesses can identify and prioritize LLM
    use cases within their own organization.

Meet the Trainer

Dr Usman Zia

PhD in GenAI | Assistant Professor at NUST