Women In Tech Program Faisalabad

Empowering women of Faisalabad with skills of the future

Empowering women with job-ready skills, providing practical training to accelerate freelancing careers or secure job placements. 

100% Scholarship

About the Program

Women in Tech Program is a unique opportunity for women of Faisalabad with backgrounds in computer science, software engineering, or IT fields to develop soft and advanced technical skills. The aim is to prepare them for the job market with the right skillset. The program is in collaboration with Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom, Pakistan. It is a five week long journey in which the first week consists of in-person training followed by four weeks of online sessions.

We are committed to providing job placements and internships, ensuring that the women of Faisalabad not only gain essential skills but also have concrete opportunities for employment. This collaborative effort aims to empower and support women in overcoming barriers in the tech industry.


  • Women Only
  • Final year under-graduate students or graduates (graduated less than 2 years)
    • Computer Science
    • Software Engineering 
  • GPA above 3.0


Course Curriculum

1-Week Foundational Training (In-Person)

The sessions will cover:

Day 1: Communication Skills
Day 2: Freelancing
Day 3: Careers in Tech
Day 4: Digital skills for Future
Day 5: Introduction to Web Development

Advance Training (Online)

The online sessions  will continue for 4 weeks and there will be four sessions per week, in these sessions students will be taught:

  1. Effective Communication Skills
  2. Resume Writing and Interview Skills
  3. Freelancing
  4. Software Development (Portfolio Projects)

Job Placements

After these training sessions for the next four weeks, we will facilitate internships and job placements for the trainees.

Key Features

Project Based Learning

Apply theory to real-world projects for practical proficiency.

Expert Instructors

Learn from industry professionals to gain practical insights.

Industry Ready Portfolio

Craft a portfolio that showcases your industry-ready tech projects.

Guidance & Support

Receive guidance and assistance in your pursuit of tech career opportunities.

Internships & Job Placements

Facilitation for internships and job placements will be carried out for all trainees.

1-on-1 Coaching & Mentorship

Receive individualized mentorship to navigate your way through your tech career.