Launch Your First AI Product

PKR 5000

What you'll learn

  • Generate and evaluate profitable ideas
  • Build an AI SaaS product with no-code tools
  • Launch and market your product effectively

Course Description

Welcome to the “Launch your first AI Product” workshop, where you will learn the key skills
required to become a successful Indie Hacker. This workshop is designed for
entrepreneurs, developers, and anyone who wants to learn how to build and launch an
AI SaaS product with no-code tools.
In this workshop, you will learn how to generate and evaluate profitable ideas, build an
AI SaaS product with no-code tools, and launch and market your product effectively. We
will guide you through each step of the process, and provide you with practical tips and
techniques that you can apply immediately.

Course Content

Module 1 

  • Introduction to Indie Hacking
  • Understanding the mindset of successful Indie Hackers
  • Key skills required to be a successful Indie Hacker

 Module 2

  • Brainstorming and ideation
  • Techniques for generating ideas
  • Evaluating and selecting a profitable idea

 Module 3

  • Understanding different no-code tools and their use-cases
  • Step-by-step guidance on building an AI SaaS
  • Common mistakes to avoid

 Module 4 

  • Introduction to launching and marketing your product
  • Understanding the product-market fit
  • Techniques for validating your product

 Module 5

  • Q&A and feedback


Data Science Bootcamp

Hussain Shahbaz

Hussain has delivered data science solutions to global clients including Barclays, OCBC, KPMG, Royal Fidelity, and multiple Government as well as Intelligence organizations. He has taught Machine Learning and Deep Learning at SZABIST.

An indie hacker is an entrepreneur who operates as a solopreneur orwith a small team with a strong emphasis on independence and self-sufficiency. Indie hackers typically focus on creating and launching profitable online businesses, often leveraging their skills in coding, design, marketing, or other areas to build and grow their ventures.

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