AI-Powered Productivity Toolkit for 2024


A list of AI-powered ChatBots and tools for Content Generation, Text Enhancement, Video Generation and Editing, Image Generation, Creating Presentations, Managing Emails, Transcription Assistance, Research Assistance, and QuickStart to help increase your productivity in 2024. 

We have curated a list of over thirty different AI-powered tools for you to use to help increase your productivity. We’ve also discussed the pros and cons of each tool. This should help you get started with AI this year!

AI Toolkit

The use of AI has seen an overwhelming uptake, and its adoption continues to rapidly accelerate. It is safe to say that anyone not incorporating Artificial Intelligence in their workflow will be at a disadvantage.

Therefore, we have compiled a comprehensive AI productivity toolkit that will introduce you to some of the most powerful AI tools to substantially improve your work processes. 

Businesses and corporations are now leveraging the power of Artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance their operations and workflow.

As expected, AI-powered productivity tools are also teeming with innovations. From enhanced features on familiar apps to entirely new platforms pushing boundaries, AI solutions are reshaping productivity across the board.

How do these AI-powered tools Increase productivity?

This curated list of AI-powered tools can assist you with your writing tasks, content creation, enhancing text quality, simplifying video editing, generating images, creating presentations, organizing emails, transcribing meetings, accelerating research, and app development. 

By automating repetitive and monotonous tasks, providing real-time suggestions, and streamlining workflows, these AI-powered tools enable you to accomplish more in less time. It will free up more of your time which you can use on other tasks and strategizing overall. 

Image of AI-Powered Productivity Toolkit


Why should you use AI-powered tools to help you in your work for productivity?

AI is used to help in work because it offers several advantages over traditional methods. These include:

  • Intelligent automation
  • Data-driven insights
  • Enhanced efficiency
  • Optimise Workflows
  • Reduce human error
  • Automate repetitive tasks
  • Provide an edge over manual analysis in analyze large data sets quickly and identifying patterns

All this makes it very important for you, as an individual, and your organisation, to learn to leverage AI. It is important for you and your company to keep up with today’s fast-paced digital landscape and stay competitive in the market.

However, it should be noted that Artificial intelligence (AI) can only complement your efforts and enhance your work output. It is not a replacement for your efforts. 

At atomcamp, we offer an exclusive Bootcamp to equip you with using AI.

AI tools - collage


Why must you upskill to be able to use these AI tools?

Upskilling is crucial for you to be able to effectively use AI because it enables you to understand the capabilities and limitations of these technologies. It will also help you interpret results accurately. Using AI optimally in art in itself, and you need to learn how to make the most out of how AI can help you.

For instance, you first need to learn how to use a tool. You will then need to strengthen your understanding of it to be able to achieve your desired results. Only then will you reach a level of optimal productivity. 

It is the same as using any other software. You first need to learn how to use PowerPoint, before you learn how to make presentations which work best in certain settings, for different purposes. 

To get started with upskilling, you can look into our complete guide on how to get started with learning AI. 

Now that you have a fair bit of an idea of how valuable AI can be, let’s discuss the top AI tools that you can use to boost your productivity.

What are the AI tools?


Top AI-Powered Tools in 2024 to Amp Up Your Productivity 

What are the top tools in 2024 that should be your go-to AI-powered tools to increase your efficiency? 

AI Chat Bots

Content Generation Aided by AI

AI Text Enhancement

AI Video Generation and Editing

Image Generators Powered by AI

AI Creating Presentations

Managing Emails with AI

Transcription Assistance with AI

AI Research Assistance

AI-app builders for QuickStart

AI Chatbots to Enhance Productivity


ChatGPT is probably the most commonly used AI platform. It leads the AI chatbot industry as a versatile and user-friendly chatbot, powered by OpenAI’s GPT-3 and GPT-4 models. Its flexibility allows users to employ it for various tasks such as writing marketing copy, conducting market research, and crafting sales emails.

Although it is an all-purpose tool, it often lacks necessary background context. So whilst it is great for general tasks, you should explore other tools for more specific purposes. For example, Jasper or will help you write far better copies for targeted marketeering than ChatGPT possibly can.


  • User-friendly
  • Flexibility of Use
  • Large Knowledge Base


  • Does not always guarantee Factual Accuracy
  • Tendency to Overuse Certain Phrases
  • Limited Contextual Understanding
ChatGPT - AI Chatbot Tool

Claude 2

Anthropic’s innovative chatbot, Claude 2, boasts an impressive memory that enables it to recall up to 150,000 words in each conversation. This feature makes it particularly useful for in-depth discussions, even for slightly more technical topics. 

You can also use it for querying information from uploaded documents, which may save you some time. Amongst the three Chat Bots we are speaking about in this blog, Claude 2 is best suited to help you with research work.


  • Impressive Memory Capacity
  • Suitable for Step-by-Step Discussions
  • Useful for Scientific Research and Analysis 


  • Limited Integration with External Platforms
  • Possibly Overwhelming for Simple Queries
  • Tendency for Information Overload
Claude 2 - AI Chatbot Tool

Bing AI (Microsoft Copilot)

Microsoft’s collaboration with OpenAI has positively impacted Bing Search, enhancing its ability to scour the web and generate answers based on search results. It is also integrated with DALL·E 3 and provides visual variations of prompts when searching images. 

Microsoft is consolidating its AI features under the unified name “Microsoft Copilot,” reflecting a comprehensive rebranding across its product line. Bing AI (Microsoft Copilot) is the easiest to use for people with little to no exposure to AI. It simply does everything for you!


  • Integrates across Microsoft 365 apps
  • Enhanced Productivity by Automated Tasks.
  • AI-driven Support for Various Functions


  • Steep Learning Curve for optimal use
  • Potential for Biases
  • Privacy and Security Concerns over Data Analysis
Bing AI - AI Chatbot Tool


AI Productivity Toolkit for Content Creation

When it comes to AI chatbots, several powerful tools stand out for streamlining a variety of tasks.

Jasper AI

Jasper emerges as a potent AI content creation platform, catering to users with high-volume content needs. Offering numerous templates, internet research capabilities, and image generation, Jasper streamlines the content creation process and integrates seamlessly with various applications.

Whilst Jasper offers many tools for creators and smaller businesses, the team is willing to tailor Jasper for enterprises should you wish to speak to them! 


  • Content is Considerably Accurate
  • Native support for Grammarly
  • Simple Interface


  • Problematic for Overly Technical Topics 
  • Research is Necessary
  • Plagiarism Detection Costs Extra
Jasper AI - Content Generation Tool

Positioned as a writing co-pilot, generates multiple options for each prompt, allowing users to ideate and iterate effectively. Suited for tasks like copywriting, provides a slower-paced, thoughtful approach to content creation.

Whilst Jasper is more focused on things like SEO and also offers templates, is your ideal copilot for email marketing, churning out blog content, managing your social media and translations.


  • User-friendly
  • Create Multiple Content Types with Templates
  • You can style content to specific tones


  • May Lag while Generating Content
  • Needs Fact-Checking
  • Building Long-Form copy can be Difficult
Copy AI - Content Generation Tool

Anyword AI

Anyword focuses on assisting marketers in content creation through a step-by-step generation process. Users start with prompts to generate titles, progress to outlines, and finally produce the desired content. This structured approach enhances efficiency and creativity in content development.

Anyword allows you far more control over the final product than Jasper and, whilst giving you more specific and tailored results than Chat Bots we have mentioned earlier. 


  • Great Customer Service
  • Generates Excellent long-form Content
  • Offers Value for Money


  • Relatively Pricey Subscription
  • Can Glitch at Times
  • Difficult Interface
Anyword AI - Content Generation Tool


AI Productivity Toolkit for Text Enhancement

We have picked out our top three AI-based tools for refining and enhancing text with AI.


Widely recognized as a comprehensive spell- and structure-checking application, Grammarly goes beyond basic corrections. It refines English writing by adjusting tone, suggesting concise alternatives, and incorporating generative text features, making it a great tool for writers.

Grammarly is also very easy to use and is certainly my go-to tool to refine my writings. Many of its features are free. All you have to do is add an extension, and you can say goodbye to typos, punctuation and grammatical errors in anything you write, online or even offline. 


  • Grammar and Spelling Correction
  • Style and Tone Suggestions need to be carefully reviewed
  • Offers easy Integration Across Platforms


  • Requires Internet Connectivity
  • Limited Contextual Understanding
  • Suggestions may not always align with your intended Style
Grammarly - AI Tool for Text Enhancement


Wordtune specializes in providing diverse alternatives to improve the text, offering a range of synonyms and sentence restructuring suggestions. Users can easily explore various wordings, enhancing the overall quality and clarity of their written content.

You will prefer Wordtune to Grammarly if you want suggestions and real-time feedback, which prioritizes flexibility and creativity in your writing process, rather than basic grammar and spell-checks.


  • Sentence Rewriting Assistance
  • Real-time Suggestions
  • Integration with multiple platforms


  • Steep Learning Curve
  • Limited Free Features
  • Potential Overreliance on Suggestions
Wordtune - AI Tool for Text Enhancement


ProWritingAid provides detailed statistics to track grammar, style, tone and spellings.

It is a lot like Grammarly, offering grammar, tone and spell-checks with cross-platform integration. However, it also offers in-depth reports and suggestions to help you hone your writing skills in the long run. ProWritingAid comes with a lifetime plan, so you don’t have to pay a recurring subscription fee.


  • Comprehensive Writing Analysis
  • Allows Cross-Platform Integration
  • In-Depth Reports and Suggestions


  • Learning Curve
  • Occasional False Positives
  • Limited Free Version Features
ProWritingAid - AI Tool for Text Enhancement


AI Tools for Video Generation and Editing

To put together your videos, or even to generate them, here are a few tools which will come in handy. 


Descript stands out as a top transcription service, converting videos into editable scripts. Its unique editing approach involves manipulating the text script, simplifying the video editing process.

Descript is ideal for you if you prefer a text-based editing interface and seek seamless collaboration and version control features. 


  • Text-Based Editing
  • Transcription and Automated Editing
  • Collaboration and Version Control


  • Learning Curve
  • Limited Advanced Video Editing Features
  • Relatively Pricey Subscription
Descript - AI Tools for Video Generation and Editing

Wondershare Filmora

A well-established video editing platform, Wondershare Filmora now incorporates AI features for background removal, noise reduction, and sound quality improvement. 

Filmora is for you if you want both classic video editing tools and AI-driven enhancements in the same software. It will work for you regardless of if you are a beginner or a professional. My favourite part about it is the quick rendering and exporting options it has!


  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Rich Selection of Effects and Transitions
  • Quick Rendering and Exporting


  • Limited Advanced Features
  • Watermark in Free Version
  • Subscription Model for Full Features
Wondershare Filmora - AI Tools for Video Generation and Editing

Runway AI

Runway functions as a versatile video enhancement tool, enabling users to experiment with generative AI. Its features encompass video generation, training custom AI models, and incorporating text prompts to paint images into video frames. Runway’s learning curve is rewarded with creative possibilities.


  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Diverse Pre-Trained Models
  • Offers Community and Collaboration


  • Subscription Cost
  • Internet Dependency
  • Learning Curve for Custom Models
Runway - AI Tools for Video Generation and Editing


AI Apps for Image Generation

Let your creativity flow with AI-powered image generation using the following tools. 


DALL·E 3, created by OpenAI, serves as a flexible image generator accessible via ChatGPT. It streamlines the task of translating text prompts into images, providing intriguing outputs suitable for individuals of varying expertise levels. 

ALL·E 3 is super simple to use, making it a perfect option for you if you’re new to AI image generation.


  • Simple to Use Within ChatGPT
  • Produces Interesting Results
  • Suitable for Beginners and Experts Alike


  • Limited Integration Options
Dalle 3 - AI Image Generator


Midjourney stands out for its consistently producing high-quality results. However, it initially requires users to access it through Discord. Once you familiarise yourself with the platform, you can get as creative as you want and effortlessly turn text into art. 

Midjourney’s results are a lot more promising than other AI image-generators, however, it will take you a few hours of creative exploration to get the hang of it. 


  • Impressive Image Generation Results
  • Captivating Visual Outcomes
  • Offers Hours of Creative Exploration


  • Access Through Discord Only
Midjourney - AI Image Generator

DreamStudio by Stable Diffusion

DreamStudio by Stable Diffusion offers a lot of customization and control over AI image generation. With a wide range of controls, you can fine-tune your prompts to achieve your desired result. 

However, mastering it does have a somewhat steep learning curve. It is perhaps not the ideal generator for absolute beginners. I would recommend it to you if you are looking for advanced customisation options. Once you know how to leverage the level of control it allows you, it is worth the investment of time. 


  • Versatile and Customizable
  • Provides Extensive Control Options
  • Rewards Users with High-Quality Results


  • Requires Time to Learn Model Controls
Dreamstudio - AI Image Generator


AI Apps for Presentations and Slide Decks

Our favourite AI-powered tools to create clean, sleek and effective presentations include:


Decktopus is simple and fun to use. You enter what your presentation should be about, the target audience, and the objective. It’ll put together a full presentation with text and slides, with plenty of magic buttons scattered around the user interface, helping you change images or generate text. Great for starting with a solid first draft and honing it into a powerful final version.


  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Offers Magic Buttons for Easy Editing
  • Helps Generate Text and Images


  • Limited Customization Options
  • May Lack Advanced Features
Decktopus - AI-powered presentation generator delivers on its name’s promise. It simplifies the process of putting together a beautiful slide deck, with all the layouts and styles figured out. Pick the colours, find royalty-free images in the library, and start putting together your presentation. If you have data that changes frequently, you can update it by using sliders and tables. The values will then change dynamically on the presentation.


  • Simplifies Slide Deck Creation Process
  • Offers Easy Data Updates
  • Provides Royalty-Free Image Library


  • Limited Customization Options
  • May Require Additional Editing for Specific Needs
Beautiful AI - presentation generator


Slidesgo lets you pick the topic, writing tone, and a general template. AI generates the whole presentation for you, and from there, you can add your own content, customize each slide, and use AI to write, generate images, or generate a new slide.


  • Provides AI-Generated Presentation Templates
  • Offers Customization Options
  • Helps Generate Content and Images


  • May Require Additional Editing for Specific Needs
  • Limited Advanced Features
Slidesgo - AI-powered presentation generator


AI Apps for Email and Inbox Management

An AI-powered productivity toolkit would be incomplete without tools to manage emails efficiently.


SaneBox starts by scanning your inbox, understanding who you usually communicate with, which newsletters you receive, and what useless emails arrive every day. Based on that, it can help you delete unwanted emails, prioritize important messages, and add tags to keep things organized.


  • Automatically Organizes Inbox
  • Prioritizes Important Messages
  • Helps Delete Unwanted Emails


  • May Require Adjustment Period for Training
AI Apps for Email Management - SaneBox


Mailbutler has the full suite of generative AI tools in the email compose window: Smart Compose, Respond, Summarize, and Improve. An extension for Gmail, Apple Mail, and Outlook, it extracts the contact information of people in your inbox, so you don’t have to organize them manually. And, if you usually forget to note down your tasks, it analyzes all the emails you get and extracts any detected tasks into the sidebar.


  • Extracts Contact Information Automatically
  • Provides Smart Compose and Summarize Features
  • Integrates with Gmail, Apple Mail, and Outlook


  • May Require Integration Setup
  • Advanced Features May Require Subscription
AI Apps for Email Management - MailButler


EmailTree is a solution for customer support teams, helping you organize your inbox, follow up on messages, and automate a few replies. It does this by processing the emails you receive and suggesting the follow-up action that makes the most sense. It’s then up to you to trigger it.


  • Organizes Inbox for Customer Support Teams
  • Suggests Follow-Up Actions
  • Automates Replies for Efficiency


  • May Require Manual Confirmation for Actions
  • Limited Customization Options
AI Apps for Email Management - Email Tree AI


AI-Powered Productivity with Transcription and Meeting Assistants

AI-powered tools can now help you with transcription – we know it can often be tedious, so our curated productivity toolkit wouldn’t be complete without these.


Fireflies transcribes meetings and tracks conversation topics, offering insights and summaries to enhance collaboration. Its AI capabilities streamline meeting management and facilitate information retrieval.


  • Transcribes Meetings and Tracks Topics
  • Provides Insights and Summaries for Collaboration
  • Enhances Meeting Efficiency with AI Features


  • May Require Adjustment to Transcription Accuracy
AI Meeting Assistant - Fireflies


Airgram offers transcription and AI data extraction features, extracting relevant information from unstructured data. It streamlines data analysis and facilitates information extraction for enhanced decision-making.


  • Transcribes Meetings and Extracts Data
  • Facilitates Data Analysis and Extraction
  • Enhances Decision-Making with AI Insights


  • May Require Familiarization with AI Data Extraction
AI Meeting Assistant - Airgram


Krisp optimizes meeting audio quality by reducing background noise, and ensuring clear transcription. Its AI capabilities enhance meeting recordings and facilitate information retrieval for thorough analysis.


  • Optimizes Meeting Audio Quality
  • Facilitates Clear Transcription with AI
  • Enhances Meeting Efficiency and Analysis


  • May Require Adjustment to Audio Settings
AI Meeting Assistant - Krisp


AI-Powered Tools for Task Automation

You can look into a handful of tools to help you automate your tasks. Here are our top three picks for our AI-powered productivity toolkit.

AI Agent

AI Agent revolutionizes task automation with its advanced artificial intelligence capabilities. This powerful tool automates repetitive tasks, freeing up valuable time for users to focus on more strategic activities. From data entry to report generation, AI Agent streamlines workflows and enhances productivity across various industries and sectors.


  • Advanced AI Capabilities for Task Automation
  • Streamlined Workflows for Enhanced Productivity
  • Versatile Applications Across Industries


  • Initial Setup and Training Required
Task Automation Tools - AI Agents


AgentGPT offers a sophisticated solution for automating tasks using AI technology. By leveraging state-of-the-art natural language processing algorithms, this platform enables users to automate a wide range of tasks with ease. From customer support to content generation, AgentGPT helps organizations streamline operations and improve efficiency.


  • Natural Language Processing for Seamless Automation
  • Wide Range of Task Automation Capabilities
  • Scalable Solution for Organizations of All Sizes


  • Integration with Existing Systems May Require Development Effort
AI Task Automation Tools - AgentGPT

HyperWrite Assistant

HyperWrite Assistant reimagines task automation with its intelligent AI-driven approach. It leverages machine learning algorithms to automate repetitive writing tasks, such as email responses, document generation, and content creation. With HyperWrite Assistant, you can save time and effort while maintaining high-quality output.


  • Machine Learning Algorithms for Intelligent Automation
  • Automates Repetitive Writing Tasks with Precision
  • Enhances Efficiency and Productivity


  • Limited Customization Options for Advanced Users
Task Automation AI Tools - HyperWrite

With AI Agent, AgentGPT, and HyperWrite Assistant, task automation has become more efficient and effective than ever before. Whether you’re streamlining business processes, optimizing workflows, or enhancing productivity, these AI-powered agents empower you to achieve more with less effort.

AI Research Assistants

What does AI-Powered productivity for researchers look like? AI helps you streamline your research tasks.


Aomni facilitates deep research with its advanced AI-driven platform. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, this tool accelerates the research process, providing users with insights and analysis to fuel innovation and discovery. From data exploration to trend analysis, aomni empowers researchers to uncover valuable insights and drive meaningful progress.


  • Accelerates Research Process with AI Technology
  • Provides Insights and Analysis for Informed Decision Making
  • Enables Innovation and Discovery Across Industries


  • Steep learning Curve for Mastering Advanced Features
AI Research Assistants - Aomni


Genei revolutionizes research with its intelligent AI-powered platform. This innovative tool automates data collection, analysis, and synthesis, allowing users to extract valuable insights from vast amounts of information. Whether you’re conducting academic research, market analysis, or competitive intelligence, genei streamlines the research process and enhances productivity.


  • Automates Data Collection, Analysis, and Synthesis
  • Extracts Valuable Insights from Vast Amounts of Information
  • Enhances Productivity and Efficiency


  • Integration with Existing Systems May Require Development Effort
AI Research Assistants - Genei


Consensus transforms research with its comprehensive AI-driven solution. By leveraging machine learning algorithms, this platform enables users to analyze and interpret complex data sets with ease. From trend identification to predictive modeling, Consensus empowers researchers to make informed decisions and drive strategic initiatives.


  • Machine Learning Algorithms for Data Analysis and Interpretation
  • Enables Informed Decision Making and Strategic Planning
  • Scalable Solution for Organizations of All Sizes


  • Initial Setup and Training Required
AI Research Assistants - Consensus

With aomni, genei, and Consensus, deep research becomes more accessible and efficient than ever before. Whether you’re exploring new technologies, uncovering market trends, or driving innovation, these AI-powered tools can empower you to unlock new insights and achieve your research goals with confidence.

AI App Builders for Quickstart

What’s an AI-powered productivity toolkit without some AI-powered apps-building platforms?


Softr revolutionizes app development with its intuitive AI-powered platform. This innovative tool enables users to quickly and easily create custom interfaces and databases without writing a single line of code. Whether you’re building a website, mobile app, or web application, Softr empowers you to bring your ideas to life with speed and simplicity.


  • Intuitive Drag-and-Drop Interface for Easy Development
  • AI-Powered Tools for Quick Customization
  • Enables Rapid Prototyping and Deployment


  • Limited Customization Options Compared to Traditional Development
AI tools to build apps - Softr


PowerApps offers a comprehensive solution for building apps with AI capabilities. This powerful platform enables users to create custom applications that leverage artificial intelligence for enhanced functionality and user experience. Whether you’re developing internal tools, customer-facing applications, or enterprise solutions, PowerApps provides the tools and support needed to bring your ideas to life.


  • Integrates AI Capabilities for Enhanced Functionality
  • Supports Development of Internal and External Applications
  • Scalable Solution for Organizations of All Sizes


  • Learning Curve for Mastering Advanced Features
AI tools to build apps - Powerapps


AppSheet provides a user-friendly platform for building AI-powered applications. With its intuitive interface and drag-and-drop functionality, this tool enables users to quickly create custom interfaces and databases for various use cases. Whether you’re building a business application, productivity tool, or mobile app, AppSheet simplifies the development process and accelerates time to market.


  • User-Friendly Interface for Easy Development
  • Enables Rapid Prototyping and Iteration
  • Supports Integration with AI Services for Enhanced Functionality


  • Limited Advanced Features Compared to Traditional Development Platforms
AI tools to build apps - AppSheet


To wrap this up, the AI-powered tools outlined in this blog offer a diverse range of solutions to enhance productivity. While each tool has its pros and cons, understanding your specific needs is key to choosing which tool is the perfect fit for you. 

To do this, you will need to know why you are using the tool, what you need it for, and how the tool works. Whilst there will be some learning you will need to do, integrating these AI-powered tools into your workflow could help your productivity levels in 2024.