The learning experience is being transformed day-by-day with the introduction of new technologies, shifting away from traditional ways of receiving education. In this report on the future of learning, we focus on how the technologically integrated education system would look like.

This report covers four major perspectives on the future of learning. At first, it analyzes the factors that are causing the transition from conventional to tech-based education. This entails advances in scientific research, growing competition amongst the firms, and the technological convergence in multiple fields of study. It further examines the outlook of learning in this adjustment phase till 2030. The report also highlights tech and non-tech skills that would be in high-demand in future. Moreover, we look at how the medium of instruction will be disrupted with different forms of learning coming into the spotlight like experiential learning and design thinking. Lastly, atomcamp’s report highlights some policy recommendations for the educational institutions in order to be prepared for the high-tech future of learning.
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