Exclusive Networking Dinner with Sadia Saif,
HR Professional from SF, Bay Area!

For Tech CEOs & Founders 


In this networking dinner, we bring together CEOs and founders from the tech ecosystem to connect and collaborate with Sadia Saif, an HR professional and life coach in the Bay Area of San Francisco, California. With over 16 years of residency in the region, Sadia brings a wealth of experience and expertise.


Sadia is a certified Human Resource Management specialist from the University of California, Berkeley. She has excelled as a Technical Recruiting expert for renowned companies such as Salesforce, Meta, and Gap Inc. in San Francisco, California. Additionally, she has served as a Talent Acquisition Specialist for an Engineering consulting firm in San Jose, California.


Not only is Sadia accomplished in the corporate world, but she is also a Global Certified Health and Life Coach, accredited by the International Coaches Federation. Her passion for mentoring extends to organizations like Open and PWiC in the Bay Area, where she provides valuable insights and guidance on recruitment and job opportunities.

Join us for an evening of networking, where you can engage with Sadia Saif and explore new avenues for professional expansion. Discover the power of connections and learn from Sadia’s vast knowledge and experience in the field.


Don’t miss this opportunity to connect, learn, and expand your San Francisco, California, network.

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