English Language & Writing

Fee: PKR 5,000

For Students: PKR 4,000 

  • Online
  • 5 weeks
  • Wednesday & Friday 6PM - 7PM
  • 7th December

What you'll learn

  • Sentence Structure
  • Basic Grammatical Framework
  • Writing Effectively & Clearly
  • Focal Point in Grammar:
    • Subject-verb agreement
    • Correct use of articles
    • The correct placement of comma/colon/semi/colon/apostrophe
    • Formatting/paragraph breaks
    • Qualitative essay writing

About this Course

An introductory course on English Language. The course will focus on the basic technicalities of writing. It is designed to address common errors in qualitative writing and editing that are detrimental to sentence structure and lexicon.

Regardless of the career that one pursues effective written communication is mandatory in every job market. Designing cover letters, updating of resumes or simple job applications; commonly made mistakes may act as a road block to one’s professional development. This course is concise and focused on addressing those issues and minimizing complex and often incorrect sentence structure and will help improve the overall quality of written work.

Who should Attend?

  • Students who desire to improve their command over written English.
  • Students wishing to pursue a career in social sciences.
  • Students wishing to pursue a career in content writing.
  • Students who are planning to appear for SAT/ GRE (writing/editing section) or preparing for their CSS.



Qurat-ul-ain has done her bachelors in social sciences and M.Phil in International Relations. She is working as an academic and has been in research for the past 5 years. Quratulain discovered her passion for reading and creative writing at an early age and now also works as a teacher in the hope of helping young students pursue their passions. Her own experiences and pivotal influences have helped to hone and develop her writing skills and she continues to learn and grow alongside her students.

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Course Outline

Week 1: Creative Writing

The first module is focused on developing reading and writing skills. Student will learn about different writing style techniques that will make their written expression interesting, unique and meaningful. Students will learn what creative writing is, and how it is different from academic or professional writing.

Weeks 2: Descriptive Writing

Using excerpts from various sources, the class will discuss how to use imagery and figurative language to create interesting pieces of writing. Students will also practice their writing using the techniques learnt.

Weeks 3: Descriptive Writing

Using excerpts from various sources, the class will discuss how to use imagery and figurative language to create interesting pieces of writing. Students will also practice their writing using the techniques learnt.

Week 4: Poetry

The class will discuss different examples of poems to understand sound devices and symbolism. Students will also write poems of their own using techniques learnt.

Week 5: Blog Writing

Students will be introduced to various types of blog writing styles, creative writing in digital content and storytelling. Students will also write blogs of their own.

Week 6: Script Writing

The final module will introduce how developing ideas can be presented in various formats, e.g. within film. Students will learn how creative writers develop scripts for film and media entertainment, and discuss the difference between visualizing a story and putting it into writing. Students will also have a go at creating their own storyboard.
Module 1
Introduction to Course
Module 1
Module 2
Grammar - Articles & Nouns
Module 2
Modules 3
Grammar - Subject Verb Agreement
Modules 3
Module 4
Grammar - (colon/comma/semi-colon/apostrophe)
Module 4
Module 5
Paragraph Writing
Module 5
Module 6
Module 6

Frequently Asked Questions

Once you enroll, you can get a 100% refund if you withdraw after the first lesson. We do not offer refunds after that.
No. This is a progressive learning course so enrollments for one week are not allowed.
Yes, this is a 100% online course.

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