Dawood Khan shares his learning experience with atomcamp

By Dawood Khan | 04 July 2022

Considering the current competition in the job market, the main goal of educational institutes should be to enrich the youth of the country with the skills that have high demand. However, many educational institutes are producing fresh graduates every year without imparting the necessary skills. As a result, the unemployment of educated youth is increasing significantly.  Students who are self-learning are getting decent jobs. 

In today’s fast-changing world, students should focus on self-learning. This is why I decided to enroll in several courses offered by atomcamp, a continuous learning platform. 

In November 2021, I attended the two-day virtual workshop on ‘International Climate Policy’, with instructor Ms. Maha Kamal. The workshop was about COP26 and the actions of various countries towards climate policy. These sessions added to my knowledge around the important issue of climate change across the world and its negative impact in developing countries like Pakistan. This was a very important learning for me considering the kind of climate change challenges that Pakistan is facing. By the end of the interactive session, students submitted policy notes.

Moreover, I attended the Essay Writing course (cohort 3). It was two months long. During this course, I learnt different techniques of writing and ‘journaling’ – a technique effectively used to build writing muscles. Additionally, the instructor taught us the skill of reading – which is helpful in improving writing. An important lesson that I learnt is that there is no shortcut to becoming a good writer. Reading and then writing is the only effective approach.

Overall, the two experiences with atomcamp boosted my knowledge about multiple topics: climate change, water scarcity, journaling, and writing.  It was interesting that other students belonged to different countries, diverse backgrounds, and different age groups. This further added to the beauty and diversity of the classroom.

Notably, in the two-day workshop, I was the youngest student in the class. I was elated to be in the same class where the other students were pursuing Ph.D. degrees and higher learning. This way, apart from formal learning, I was learning informally from my classmates. Overall, it has been a good learning experience with atomcamp. I am glad to be a member of the atomcamp alumni network – an atom.