How to Build a Career in Data Science

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About this Workshop

Data science continues to rise as one of the most in-demand career paths in technology today. Beyond data analysis, mining, and programming, data scientists program code and combine it with statistics to transform data. Data science is interdisciplinary and essential to society’s basic activities, such as refilling grocery stores, tracking political campaigns, and maintaining medical records. Being in this expanding field can be a fascinating and rewarding job. There are many career opportunities within data science. This workshop will prepare and position you to attract the right opportunity.

Workshop Outline

Module 1: Introduction (1 hour)

  • What is Data Science?
  • What are the required skills?
  • Exploring different roles in Data Science

Module 2: Data Science Career Path (1 hour)

  • Education: What should I learn?
  • Experience: How do I get a job?

Module 3: Building a Personal Brand (1 hour)

  • Revamp your LinkedIn profile
  • Connecting with like-minded people.
  • Build your audience

Module 4: Career Opportunities / Open Discussion (1 hour)

  • Data Science career opportunities: remote, Pakistan and abroad
  • Questions and open discussion


Hussain Shahbaz Khawaja

Hussain is a Senior Data Scientist and currently working with a UK- based bespoke software solutions company. Previously, he has helped to deliver projects for clients across the globe, including KPMG, OCBC, Barclays, Royal Fidelity, government and intelligence organizations. He was a visiting faculty member at SZABIST and a freelance data science consultant for multiple Pakistani startups. Hussain believes in continuous learning. Apart from a Masters degree from FAST NU, he has completed over 50 online certifications to enhance his technical and soft skills. His specialties include Technical Strategy, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Project Planning and Extraordinary Sharp Memory.

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