اردو شعر و سخن

4 weeks, starting 5th August
Wednesdays & Fridays (7-9pm) | PKR 4,000

What you'll learn

  • Developing knowledge of Urdu Shayari basics
  • Learning the difference between writing Nazm and Ghazal
  • Learning the ability to read and comprehend difficult Urdu words used in Urdu Shayiri
  • Analysing Urdu poetry written by contemporary and classic poets

About this Course

Course Description 

This is an introductory course to Urdu Shayari. Participants will be able to learn the basic terms used in Urdu Poetry, such as: Shair, Ghazal, Nazm, Wazan, Qaafiya, Radeef, Matla, Hasan Matla, Maqta, Misra, Misra – e – Ula, Misra – e- Saani, Band, Qata, Beher. They will learn the difference between Ghazal and Nazm, and analyse poetry by various contemporary and classic Urdu Poets.

The poets introduced in the course will include:

  • Parveen Shakir
  • Jaun Elia
  • Mustafa Zaidi
  • Noon Meem Rashid
  • Habib Jalib
  • Faiz Ahmad Faiz
  • Iqbal
  • Meer Taqi Meer
  • Ghalib

Resources related to beher and help for difficult words in Urdu such as Urdu Lughat i.e., dictionaries, will be shared at the end of the course.


Seemab Zahra is a Pakistani-born Computer Science graduate who rediscovered her interest in poetry, writing and photography after moving to Canada. She works as a multidisciplinary artist with theatres, magazines, and art institutions in the Waterloo Region. Her poetry and articles have been published in various local and international magazines.

She has presented her work at various festivals and exhibitions in Canada, and her photography has been a part of fundraisers in Pakistan and Canada. Seemab is a recipient of Micro-grant for Artists in Waterloo Region by Pat the Dog Theatre Creation for the year 2020 and 2021.

Seemab also facilitates art workshops with various organizations in Canada, and is currently is completing her BA in Honours Sociology from Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada.

سیماب زہرہ


سیماب زہرہ پاکستانی نژاد کمپیوٹر سائنس گریجویٹ ہیں جنہوں نے کینیڈا منتقل ہونے کے بعد فوٹوگرافی، اردو اور انگریزی زبان میں شاعری، اور تحریر کے شعباجات میں کام کا آغاز کیا۔ وہ واٹر لو ریجن میں تھیٹروں، رسائل اور فَن سے منسلک اداروں کے ساتھ ایک کثیر الشعبہ فنکار کے طور پر کام کرتی ہے۔ ان کی انگریزی شاعری اور مضامین مختلف مقامی اور بین الاقوامی رسائل میں شائع ہو چکے ہیں۔


سیماب زہرہ نے ۲۰۲۱ میں میوز آرٹس ٹورنٹو کے ہیپننگ ملٹی کلچرل فیسٹ اور پیٹ دی ڈاگ تھیٹر کریشن کے فیم فوکس فیسٹ میں اپنے فِن کا اظہار کیا۔ ایک فوٹوگرافر کی حیثیت سے سیماب زہرہ نے ۲۰۲۱ میں دا میوزیم کچنر ،اور ۲۰۲۲ میں مارٹن لوتھر یونیورسٹی کالج، ولفرڈ لاریئر یونیورسٹی میں اپنی فوٹوگرافی کی نمائش کر چکی ہیں۔


سیماب زہرہ کو ۲۰۲۰ اور ۲۰۲۱ میں پیٹ دی ڈاگ تھیٹر کی طرف سے مائیکرو گرانٹ فار واٹر لو ریجن آرٹسٹس کے اعزاز سے نوازا گیا۔


اس کے علاوہ، سیماب زہرہ کینیڈا میں فن سے منسلک بیشتر تنظیموں کے ساتھ آرٹ ورکشاپس کی سہولت فراہم کرتی ہیں، اور فی الحال ولفرڈ لاریئر یونیورسٹی، کینیڈا سے آ

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Frequently Asked Questions

Once you enroll, you can get a 100% refund if you withdraw after the first lesson. We do not offer refunds after that.
No. This is a progressive learning course so enrollments for one week are not allowed.
Yes, this is a 100% online course.

If you love the Urdu language, and if you love Urdu Shayari, this course is for you. Very few institutes in Pakistan offer a beginner’s level course in Urdu Shayari. It is a great opportunity to connect with amazing like-minded people who love Urdu poetry and can help guide you in a proper direction.

Participants should be able to read Urdu text and understand some of it.

Anyone who knows Urdu language and wants to learn to read and write Urdu Shayiri.

Yes, but there are a few conditions. You must complete all the assignments, have at least 75% attendance, and have scored reasonably well on your quizzes. This is just for us to ensure that you can grasp the fundamentals of Urdu Poetry before we certify you.