Training & Mentoring for Computer Science Jobs in US, UK, Germany, Canada and Australia

Starting date - 1st October

8-week program, Tuesdays and Saturdays, 7pm - 8.30pms | PKR 5,000

For Women: PKR 4,000

What you'll learn

  • Different areas and skills within the computer science and IT field and their associated career pathways in global market
  • Understand the recruitment and immigration process for computer science and IT professional
  • Networking opportunities with industry experts from Pakistan & abroad

About this Course

Course Description

Do you have a background in computer science or IT? Too many career options, not sure which direction to go in? Or do you want a change in career? Or do you want to find jobs in global market?

Join our 2-month training and mentoring program and explore different career options in the industry, learn from industry experts both from Pakistan and abroad, and find opportunities to further your career. The program will introduce you to different areas of the computer science and IT industry, and the associated skill sets required and career pathways.

The outline of the programme sessions is as follows:

  1. Introduction to the Cohort
    The first session will introduce the program and the participants. Participants will introduce themselves, their background and what their goals are for the course.

  2. Hard Skills: Programming Languages
    As a computer science or software developer, you will need to have knowledge of different programming languages. This session will give an overview of key programming languages you should know and how you can get start learning these or how you can improve your existing skills in these. 

  3. Cloud & Cyber Security
    Cloud and cyber security is an increasingly growing and important field. This session will provide an overview of cloud and cyber security fundamentals and potential careers in this area.  

  4. Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
    AI has huge demand in the job market. There is a need for AI in every field. The session will introduce AI and what career path you can take to develop your skills in the field. 

  5. Digital Transformation Career
    Different career tracks, jobs and skills for career in this field.

  6. Career in Salesforce Ecosystem
    Certifications and jobs in Salesforce ecosystem.

  7. Career in Data Sciences
    Skills and Jobs in Data Science.

  8. Soft Skills
    Communication, multitasking, organization and attention to details are all important soft skills needed particularly in the field of computer science and IT. Professionals in this field must work on these skills as well as technical skills. The session will highlight key soft skills and how to develop good habits to practice these.

  9. Career Pathways in US & Canada
    Mentors and industry experts from the US and Canada will be invited to answer questions of the participants and introduce participants to different opportunities for computer science and IT professionals.

  10. Career Pathways in Australia
    Mentors and industry experts from Australia will be invited to answer questions of the participants and introduce participants to different opportunities for computer science and IT professionals.

  11. Career Pathways in UK
    Mentors and industry experts from the UK will be invited to answer questions of the participants and introduce participants to different opportunities for computer science and IT professionals.

  12. UI/UX Development
    Learn the difference between UI and UX development and the role of developers in the product development process.

  13. Interview and Selection Process in Big Tech
    Understand and practice necessary skills regarding recruitment process for jobs in Big Tech

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Frequently Asked Questions

We are not currently offering refunds for this training.

No. This is a progressive learning course so enrollments for one module are not allowed.

Yes, this is a 100% online.

This course will be most useful for those with a background in computer science, IT, tech, software engineering or related fields as it will help you identify career pathways for you. 

If you a fresh graduate or about to graduate from a computer science, IT or related degree, or want to
find a direction for your career, then this is the course for you. The course will guide you in finding the
best career pathway for you, help you to identify your existing skills and what skills are needed to