Salesforce Administrator Training

8 weeks, starting 16th July 
Tues, Thurs (7PM - 8PM) and

Sat (3PM - 5PM) | PKR 30,000

Salesforce Administrator Training

8 weeks, starting 16th July 
Tues, Thurs (7PM - 8PM)

and Sat (3PM - 5PM) 

 PKR 30,000

What you'll learn

  • Prepare for an internationally-recognized certification
  • Develop the skills to work anywhere, anytime using cloud technology
  • Transfer existing skills to a new career
  • Become trained in the top CRM system and start a new career

About this Course

Course Description 

This course is designed to provide training necessary to achieve the Salesforce Certified Administrator certification from Salesforce. It will take the participants, assuming no knowledge of Salesforce platform, to a level where they can pass the Salesforce Administrator exam conducted by Salesforce. Take the first step towards specialising in the Salesforce platform to become part of the Salesforce ecosystem and improve your employment prospects.

Why learn Salesforce? 

Salesforce is one of the leading and fastest growing CRM and business automation platform globally, with 4.2 million new jobs expected to created globally by 2023. Salesforce provides organizations with a way to automate their operations quickly with minimal coding. With a strong global community and mature ecosystem, this platform is extremely popular with startups, SMEs and large organizations alike.    

With increasing popularity comes a big skills gap for Salesforce resources, which is expected to grow further as the new and experienced resources cannot keep up with the demand. This represents a huge opportunity for fresh graduates and professionals already in the Information Technology field. Whether you are in university, a fresh graduate, or a professional with many years of experience, learning Salesforce can help you further your career. Acquiring certification(s) in Salesforce will help you to increase employability, professional growth and earning potential. With the acceptability of remote working, remote employment chances have further increased and Salesforce being a cloud platform makes it even more suitable for remote usage, remote working and remote development.

The course is offered as a 2-month intensive and interactive learning program packed with functionality learning, real life scenarios and mock tests to prepare the participants for the exam. In addition to technical skills, the program will also cover essential soft skills to give participants a 360 degree view of business & IT environment and give them an edge in securing their next job. The program will be conducted by Salesforce Certified Professionals with many years of industry experience.

Course Structure  

The course will provide participants a full overview of the Salesforce ecosystem and a detailed functionality training to cover all the areas of the Salesforce Administrator exam covers. It will also cover aspects of undertaking automation projects and the job role of a Salesforce Administrator. Finally, expert guidance will be provided to undertake the online proctored Salesforce Admin 201 Exam. Participants will benefit from the experience of trainers and there will be ample opportunities to discuss career paths, one-to-one discussions on where to go next after becoming an Salesforce Certified Administrator. The course will be structured as follows:

  • Configuration and Setup (3 sessions)

  • Object Manager and Lightning App Builder (3 sessions)

  • Sales and Marketing Applications (2 sessions)

  • Service and Support Applications (2 sessions)

  • Productivity and Collaboration (1 session)

  • Data and Analytics Management (2 sessions)

  • Workflow/Process Automation (3 sessions)

Teaching tools will include: online interactive sessions, and learning materials, projects, and exercises.  

Who should join the program?

  • Individuals who wish to prepare for the Salesforce Admin 201 Certification Exam

  • Graduates from all disciplines who are passionate about Information Technology and want to focus on a popular cloud platform

  • Developers who wish to pursue a career as Salesforce Solution Architects

  • Project Managers who wish to undertake Salesforce Projects

  • Business Analysts who want to make a career move in a Salesforce environment 

  • Individuals who are already working in the IT environment and wish to broaden their scope for undertaking automation projects 

Course Fee

PKR 30,000* for 8 weeks

*includes all training materials. Excludes Salesforce ADM 201 exam fee. 


Sana Haider is a Salesforce Technical Consultant and Trainer with over 10 years of experience in finance, sales management and the IT industry, and an MBA in Finance, with certifications in insurance and financial investments. Sana is a certified Salesforce Adminstrator and teaches courses on financial sales and Salesforce Adminstration.    

Qasim Mahmood is a seasoned Business & IT professional with over two decades of experience in multiple industries across the world. Qasim is a Salesforce certified consultant, has led deployments of Salesforce based solutions and is now leading skills development and talent nurturing initiatives in Pakistan. 

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Course Outline

Week 1: Creative Writing

The first module is focused on developing reading and writing skills. Student will learn about different writing style techniques that will make their written expression interesting, unique and meaningful. Students will learn what creative writing is, and how it is different from academic or professional writing.

Weeks 2: Descriptive Writing

Using excerpts from various sources, the class will discuss how to use imagery and figurative language to create interesting pieces of writing. Students will also practice their writing using the techniques learnt.

Weeks 3: Descriptive Writing

Using excerpts from various sources, the class will discuss how to use imagery and figurative language to create interesting pieces of writing. Students will also practice their writing using the techniques learnt.

Week 4: Poetry

The class will discuss different examples of poems to understand sound devices and symbolism. Students will also write poems of their own using techniques learnt.

Week 5: Blog Writing

Students will be introduced to various types of blog writing styles, creative writing in digital content and storytelling. Students will also write blogs of their own.

Week 6: Script Writing

The final module will introduce how developing ideas can be presented in various formats, e.g. within film. Students will learn how creative writers develop scripts for film and media entertainment, and discuss the difference between visualizing a story and putting it into writing. Students will also have a go at creating their own storyboard.
Week 1
Configuration & Setup
Week 1
Weeks 2
Object Manager & Lightning App Builder
Weeks 2
Weeks 3
Sales & Marketing Applicatons
Weeks 3
Week 4
Service & Support Applications
Week 4
Week 5
Productivity & Collaboration
Week 5
Week 6
Data & Analytics Management
Week 6
Week 7
Workflow/Process Automation
Week 7

Frequently Asked Questions

Once you enroll, you can get a 100% refund if you withdraw after the first lesson. We do not offer refunds after that.
No. This is a progressive learning course so enrollments for one week are not allowed.
Yes, this is a 100% online course.

The Salesforce Administrator Training course is designed with the objective of preparing you for the Salesforce Administrator 201 Certification. This certification is the foundation certification and the starting point for anyone who wants to make a career in Salesforce. It will open up the Salesforce ecosystem for employment and entrepreneurship. 

You do not need to have a background in computer science to enrol in this course. If you have a passion for technology and are enthusiastic about making technology work, then this course will set you on the path to achieve your career goals.  

Yes, you will receive a certificate of achievement from atomcamp after some conditions are met. Participants must complete all the assignments, have at least 75% attendance, and have scored reasonably well on quizzes. This is for atomcamp to ensure that participant can grasp the fundamentals of Salesforce before a certificate of achievement is given out. For Salesforce certification, the participant will need to register with Salesforce directly and pay their fee directly to Salesforce. Full guidance will be provided during the course.