Digital Marketing & Strategy

4 weeks, starting 16th August

Tuesdays & Fridays (6-7pm) | PKR 5,000

What you'll learn

  • The basic concepts of digital marketing
  • How to create a social media campaign
  • How to target a certain audience
  • How to develop an effective digital marketing strategy and measure performance

About this Course

Course Description 

In this course, students will learn about different concepts of digital marketing, they will get to know about the digital landscape, how to create a social media campaign, how to target a certain audience, how to setup and run a paid media campaign on social media, how to measure the performance and develop an effective digital media strategy.

The course will cover four main modules:

Module 1: Basic Concepts of Digital Marketing

Module 2: Audience Profiling & Targeting

Module 3: Content Development

Module 4: Digital Analytics

The modules will go into further detail, covering the following topics: what is digital marketing, what are digital platforms, what type of content works on digital media, the social media landscape, social media marketing, objectives, audience, audience profiling, audience targeting, content marketing – storytelling is the key to great content, content development, content management, content distribution, digital media analytics, how to measure social media analytics, what are the important metrics (KPIs), what is search engine marketing, and reputation management/digital PR.


Imran Ghazali is a Digital Media Strategist with over 15 years of experience in digital media planning and buying, social media campaigning, content development, events live coverage and 360-degree digital marketing.

He has most recently worked as General Manager, Digital Media Wing (DMW), Government of Pakistan, where he was responsible for leading the overall operations of the wing, which served as the nerve center for digital communications for the Government of Pakistan.

Before joining DMW, Imran led digital media work for various national and international organizations including World Bank, UNICEF, DIFD, M&C Saatchi, Adcom and Starcom.

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Course Outline

Week 1
Basic Concepts of Digital Marketing
Week 1
Weeks 2
Audience Profiling & Targeting
Weeks 2
Weeks 3
Content Development
Weeks 3
Week 4
Digital Analytics
Week 4

Frequently Asked Questions

Once you enroll, you can get a 100% refund if you withdraw after the first lesson. We do not offer refunds after that.
No. This is a progressive learning course so enrollments for one week are not allowed.
Yes, this is a 100% online course.

In the current day, everyone is online. In the crowded digital space, it is important to cut through the noise and get your marketing right, whether that be for your startup or established organization. Purposeful, engaging, and targeted content will help you to reach your audience. Having knowledge of the basics of digital marketing and developing an effective marketing strategy is an essential tool which everyone needs to have, regardless of field. It is now a necessary skill for any CV

No background knowledge of digital marketing is necessary. Minimum education should ideally be intermediate/AS level for this course to be useful.

Business owners, entrepreneurs, students and professionals who want to harness social media and digital marketing to sell their products or services, develop a campaign for any particular cause or event, or improve their outreach.

Yes, but there are a few conditions. You must complete all the assignments, have at least 75% attendance, and have scored reasonably well on your quizzes. This is just for us to ensure that you can grasp the fundamentals of Digital Marketing & Strategy before we certify you.