Certificate in Effective Teaching for School Teachers

4 days, starting  6th to 9th December 2021(6 PM - 7:30 PM) | PKR 3,000

What you'll learn

  • This course will provide teachers, both new and experienced, with the toolkit they need to confront the modern challenges of teaching during a pandemic. The technological, personal, and professional skills they require will be conveyed via different modules and exercises in the course. As a result, the teachers will be better equipped to transmit their knowledge to students.

About this Course

Preparing School Teachers for the Future

Workshop Overview

School teaching has become quite complex with the advent of technology. Teachers must not only prepare the curriculum, but they must decide on the medium and tools used to deliver it. Along with training on the use of technology, teachers must be trained in emerging trends in teaching to maximize learning outcomes among students. At the end of the course, each teacher will be able to use a variety of tools to develop lessons that match the learning outcomes of their course material.

This workshop will enable teachers to develop a toolkit to facilitate teaching and easily transition between online and offline tools for teaching without compromising on curricular objectives. This workshop is targeted towards aspiring and in-service teachers (primary to secondary school).

​​We plan to use the Gradual Release Model as the anchor of training (GRR – Does It Work or is it Just The Sound of Frustration? – PSIA-AASI NORTHWEST (

Each session will be supported by a PowerPoint which will help in structure and progression. It will also help in keeping the course cohesive.


Ms. Sara Naeem is a seasoned educator with several years of local and international teaching experience at the high school level. Her teaching practices are student-centered with a focus on developing tools that are learner-driven. She is presently teaching in the United Arab Emirates.

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Course Outline

Week 1
Module 1: The aim of the first module is to ensure that all participants are familiar with the common terminology of education and online learning. In this module, we will overview various educational models. We will also identify major constraints and how various models can be used to address those constraints. The module will also cover an independent learner educational model GRM which is tied to hybrid learning.
Week 1
Weeks 2
Modules 2 & 3: These modules focus on various educational tools and websites that are available online. Most of the tools that we will use/discuss are free or have a free version. We will tie the tools with SLOs and Bloom’s taxonomy. We will also identify tools that:
a. Automatically grade student work
b. Allow teachers to give ongoing feedback on work
Weeks 2
Weeks 3
Module 4: This last module will focus on two main areas: Lesson essentials and practical lesson development. In lesson essentials we will talk about use of starter, eliciting and plenary. In the practical section, we will assign learning objectives to teachers to devise a plan, reflection and, peer-review.
Weeks 3

Frequently Asked Questions

This workshop does not offer refunds.

This workshop will enable teachers to develop a toolkit to facilitate teaching and easily transition between online and offline tools for teaching without compromising on curricular objectives.

Any teachers in the public or private sector who wish to teach or are currently teaching primary to secondary school are eligible for this course.

Yes, upon completion of activities assigned by the instructor.