Campus Ambassador Programme

atomcamp invites undergraduate students to apply to become one of our Campus Ambassadors! Our Campus Ambassador Programme is focused on mentoring students and creating strong learning communities across Pakistan. Join our program now and play your part in atomcamp’s movement in knowledge development across the country.

What are the incentives?

atomcamp prioritizes the growth of all its affiliated partners. Our ambassadors will be part of our atom community and will have exclusive access to a number of benefits through this program which will be for their career growth and personal development. These benefits consist of, and are not limited to:

Free access to atomcamp course

Certificate from atomcamp

atomcamp Merch

Capacity Building Workshops

Exclusive Mentorship

What will be your role?

atomcamp’s ambassador program is designed to increase outreach and connect with students in universities across Pakistan. We wish to build a network of communities that work together towards creating better learning environments in their vicinities. For this, the ambassador will have to play an active role. They will be a bridge between atomcamp and their respective university’s student bodies, and conduct various events centered around atomcamp’s vision. We encourage our ambassadors to take initiative in such ideas and will receive support and mentorship from Team atomcamp in this regard.

Serving as a bridge between atomcamp and students

Mobilizing students towards continuous learning

Setting up workshops and seminars with atomcamp

Conducting reading circles and discussion groups

Helping atomcamp design courses

We look forward to your applications

Click the link below to access the application form